As the saying goes ’’one man’s meat is another man’s poison’’. Although many people view gambling as a negative impact on our societies, this cannot be entirely true because a lot of people are surviving from it, especially from the less developed continents like Africa. These can be categorized in the following;




These are the major benefactors, making a living will be an understatement especially when you get to know the returns they rake. In Africa for instance, Nigeria in particular bookmarkers are among the money bags we have, you really see them living in affluence, and this will convince you that the business is worth the venture. The teeming youth patronage due to economic has immensely contributed to their success in business. The reason why you see the increasing number of people venturing into the business, there is enough market to meet supply. Although the venture is quite capital intensive and demanding, the effort is worth it.




These are the middlemen in the business who use shops mainly from which gamblers come to book their bets. These shops are usually organized to a standard that punters would always want to come back; they are numerous in numbers, unlike bookmakers. It is less capital intensive and requires little knowledge to start the business. Although they are much many still make a living off it. The early starters are the most successful ones also known as mega agents. To succeed however will depend on your resources and customer service relationship.




Book stakers


These are the gamblers which the aforementioned depends on to survive. Quite a number of them also make a living from it, but the margin is so wide. To survive at this level requires a lot of ingenuity, experience, skills, determination, and patience. You will have to know the in and out of the business, be a superstar. Some sell betting odds to the upcoming ones as additional ways to make income. The successful ones upon making enough money move up the ladder to become agents.




Most agents have quite a number of shops they manage, and these are usually manned by their employees otherwise referred to as cashiers. Many survive on the salaries, tips from bettors, some also engage in placing bets which they are quite sure, especially if the odds are from reputable punters, the successful ones with enough resources usually take a step higher to become agents.




Online Bettors


This class as the name implies do their business online without direct contact with agents or bookmakers. Gamblers create accounts online to make deposits and earn returns. This is very common in the developed world.


The aforementioned are the direct class of people that benefit directly from football betting, there are also a set of people that also earn a living by not directly participating in the business, these include suppliers of basic materials to successfully run the show, others include IT support personnel, networkers, affiliate bodies and the society at large.



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