Betting can also be called gambling . It’s about taking a risk with the intent of winning. Football betting called Fußballwetten (in The German language) is the act of predicting on football games and staking/gambling on it. You either win or you lose.


Football betting has been in existence far back and as years pass by so with the upgrade in football betting.




Legality of Football Betting


Football bettors stake their wages legally online or through a bookmaker or illegally through illicit bookmakers known as “bookies”. Football betting is illegal in some countries like in the United States in some of its states its illegal. While in some countries like the UK its legal.




Football Betting Scandals


Football betting has lead to a high number of scandals, which is affecting the integrity of the game. It leads to the English FA giving a rule against betting to players and coaches from playing betting directly or indirectly. The rules were laid to prevent betting from influencing decisions and behavior of players and coaches and to protect the future and integrity of the game.


Some of the scandals in football betting are the 2009 European football scandal which there was an attempt to interfere in the outcome of professional association football games across Europe.




The Internet


The internet has become a strong sensation in promoting online betting. It’s easier for one to just use his/her cell phone or any other internet mobile gadgets to stake or bet. So the internet has caused a rapid increase in the numbers of bettors.






Football betting works by individuals predicting the outcome of games, then betting or staking on the predicted games. Most people use prediction sites, while some analyze games themselves; others just stake what they feel the outcome will be.




Outcome of Results


The outcome of the results can be very good and it can be very bad. A lot of cases have surfaced of individuals dying as a result of betting result going bad. And with cases of people spending in an ostentatious manner after winning big in football betting. It’s a two edge situation, you win or you lose.




Reasons Why People Play Football Betting


To benefit more from the game: there is always this question that pops out ” why am I not getting some extra cash in this beautiful game, despite knowing so much with good analysis about the game?”. This question leads many into football betting to tap the reward of the game.


Unemployment: this is a serious one. Due to unemployment, many are looking for what ways will they generate money. Then BOOM “football betting”. That is it; they begin to stake in football games.


Influence: when you have everyone around you betting on football games, you tend to be influenced into doing same.


Do football betting bookmakers make it?


Yes! They do make a lot of profit just by people playing. It’s estimated that out of 100% of bettors, only 10% to win a bet, the other 90% lose their money. And were doing the rest 90% money goes? To the coffers of the bookmakers.

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