Home/away to win either half (HWEF/AWEH)


In so many cases a team could win either half and still lose the match. This market is one of the most favourable options available to bettors. To record a win the team picked doesn’t have to acquire all three points available in the game.. But for any punter who has learnt how to make these picks, this option could be a very lucrative one. In some cases, your match selection could get a win as early as the first half and in other cases the second half.


How it Works


It is quite simple. For beginners all you have to do is pick a game from a sport comprised of two halves, such a sport could be football. The main point is to determine the winner of each or both halves. The bettor simply has to decide which team will win either of the two halves of the game.


In the end, it all boils down to who scores more goals in either of the halves.

For instance, if Brazil takes on Mexico, this betting market would be successful if Brazil wins the first half. They win by two goals even though at the end of full time the game ended 2-2.

However, if the pick was Arsenal vs. Manchester City, and the bet is for the away team to win either half. Then all Manchester city have to do is outscore Arsenal in either of the halves.


My Experience


I first discovered this option some two years ago, I had discovered this option some three years ago. My bet slip had a Romanian team in it, Botosani they played at home I can’t remember their opponents. They had odds of 1.95 to win at home. I was new to betting so I opted for the win either half option even though I lacked a proper understanding of the option.The odds for the win either half market was 1.50 and I grabbed it.


The game kicks off and the away team scores not one, two but three goals in the first half. It is general knowledge that only a few teams can go behind 3-0 and still turn the game around in the second half.

As fate would have it Botosani scored just one goal in the second half, their opponents were too busy defending their goal advantage. At the end of 90 minutes the scoreline read 3-1 for me I had lost my bet. I did know that I had some money on my bet account waiting to be withdrawn.




There is just one peculiar advantage of either half betting market. If the picks are made on favourite teams with value odds it could be very lucrative. It safeguards you against the last minute goals that bring about draws. Just yesterday Atletico Madrid’s either half odd was 1.65 and they did win the first half.




There is just one disadvantage, this market does not have the void option where a game is voided if it’s a draw. Like in a case where both teams draw both halves, the bet would be lost.

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