Let’s be honest here, there is something thrilling about the concept of easy money. You sit there, make a couple of predictions, and if luck is on your side, you just might become instantly rich! Who can resist that? Now, what if I tell you that you will be predicting the match results of your favorite sport? Pools betting has been around for nearly a hundred years, and football pools are crowned the most famous betting pool out there.


How It Works:


The way football pools work is quite easy. All the gambler needs is a pool coupon where he bets on the results of several matches. The most common way for the gamblers to get their coupons is through the ‘Pools Man’ who distributes them throughout the week. The coupon has all the matches that are to be played in the near future, and the gambler bets on the matches that will end in a score draw or a higher result. So for example, if the coupon has 12 matches, the gambler needs to select 8 of them that will end in a score draw. If his prediction is correct he will win. He will only be rewarded if all of the results meet his predictions. That way, he has a chance to win the £3million prize pool on offer. Football pools are based on accumulator bets. Throughout the years there were 60 million winners.




The idea of Football pools sparked in Birmingham by a man called John Jervis Barnard. Bernard and his friends liked gambling and football, so Bernard thought he could combine them together and earn money from organizing the whole thing. However, it did not work out. The pools were in a very primitive form, thus they were very unrewarding. Bernard gave up on his idea. After that came along John Moores who took interest in the idea and decided to develop it. Moores and two of his friends started the first football pool in 1923. They called their enterprise “Littlewoods”. Littlewoods is the first pool company, and it was one of the strongest pool companies for many years.


The Drop.


The popularity of football pools decreased when the National Lottery started in 1994. People found it much easier to bet on 6 numbers instead of trying to guess the exact result of a number of games. Things got even worse for football pools with the growth of the internet and the arrival of online betting. The football pools companies were losing a lot of money. Before the lottery, the number of football pools gamblers was about 10 million gamblers per week, but by 2007 the number decreased to 700,000.




The Rise:


Maybe that was the wakeup call football pools companies needed. Because in 2007 three of the major companies combined together: Littlewoods, Zetters, and Vernons. They became one large enterprise called The New Football Pools and took their business online. That movement was a huge success. Soon, people were placing their bets again, and the company was making a lot of money. It even witnessed the largest syndicate win in history which is £4million. The best thing about online pools is that everyone has access to it. Old-school football pools required getting the coupons which meant there was always a chance one would not get them.


Online Pools:


Nowadays, you can play classic football pool online, but it has a slightly different form. Of course, there is no physical coupon, and the number of the fixtures has changed. You have 49 fixtures, and you get to bet on 10 draws. If you do not want to play the classic football pool, there are a bunch of new coupons; for example, goal rush, soccer 6, premier 10, jackpot 12. The entry fee is £1 and there is a chance to win £3,000,000. Another game is called Footy15. In this game the players guess the results of 15 matches; this gives them the chance to win the jackpot of £100,000.




To sum up, football pool betting has evolved as time passed from a simple idea in Bernard’s head to online pooling. At first, the gamblers needed to mark only 8 fixtures that they believed would end in a draw, but now, online pooling has different rules. Football pools surely has faced many hardships, but it was not the end. The combination of the three biggest football pools company refreshed the industry and got players interested again. What made football pools last all of those years is the thrill that comes with the possibility of winning. It is this thrill that makes people take the risk and gamble on the results of the fixtures. To this day, thousands of people enjoy football pools and become rich out of it.

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