The craze for football betting is fueled by the fact that people like easy money and enjoy the pride behind being able to predict the outcome of events taking place around the world.




The first is that football is something that the average dude can relate to. A large majority of us are football lovers and take our time to follow how things unfold in major leagues around the world. Now we have a chance to make money from something that we have interest in. Interesting? Yes, interesting.


The second reason is the bewildering thought of making so much money from just little stakes



It is however a demented psychology to think that football betting does not have its bad sides. These pitfalls are not in the setup, but in what it does to you. Football betting CAN wreck you. Yes! This is a fact. So many people have spent so much money betting, and most gamble their money away senselessly.



Some individuals are really good with predictions, yet still find it hard to win… Why does this happen? Well, here are few tips to help change that.




Do not do more than your level will permit. Know how much is free for you to gamble in a month. Whether you choose to admit it or not, football betting is gambling. After you have taken out the money you should need in that month, then you can consider what you want to save and what you want to gamble. Remember… Only gamble ”FREE” money. Like a wise man once said ”Never gamble with scared money.”


Scared money here means money that you cannot do without. You should be able to gamble without being afraid of losing that money.






You cannot always see all the angles to a game, however, as a lover of football, or an ardent follower, your brain would catch some things subconsciously. You might want to pick a game and your subconscious says ”no”. Don’t ignore it.




Research is not hard. It just involves checking leagues and teams performances overtime, either generally in the league or comparatively against their opponents. Stats are very important. Doing your own research gives you a clearer perspective to games.




Experience is not just about being somewhere for a long period of time. It is about observing trends and how things are done or occur. Experience gives you a different perspective to games. You can smell upsets. You can correctly predict how matches would turn out. You don’t even have to analyse or forecast at times before you can tell in which direction things would go.


But you have to learn to use your experience. When you think Manchester City might find it hard to win a game, don’t ”just give them the win” simply because everybody is giving them the win. It’s better you stay off the game or you stake as your brain informs.


Remember however that your brain functions differently under different conditions. You tend to see things better when your mind is settled. Make sure you are not hungry (eat well before your final decision), don’t predict and stake with sleepy eyes, don’t predict and stake when you are immensely busy (unless you are staking on someone else’s ready made game).





The general mindset is that bigger teams or favourites will have smaller odds, and vice versa. Okay… here I will expose you to something.


First, you must be familiar with the word ‘bookmakers’ by now… or ‘bookies’. Your bookies are your bet companies that set odds and regulate the markets as games progress. You should know that your interests are taken into consideration by regulatory agencies, so bookies cannot unnecessarily ‘cheat’ you. Still, in the gambling game, if one person must win, another must lose.


If you win today, your bookie loses. Right? So it is only right to assume that your bookies will devise means to ensure that you do not win regularly.


Yes, one of these methods is giving ‘crazy’ odds. For example, two teams are to play in the evening, and from their odds, one is the clear favourite with odd of 1.18. But in reality, those two teams are almost evenly matched. What does this mean? The bookie wants you to pick this game with confidence and stand a chance to experience an ‘upset’. Other times, teams that are supposed to have really low odds are given higher ones to scare people.


Your bookie is not your friend. Your bookie does not want you to win. Simple as that. Don’t be deceived by odds.


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Matches are fixed in football, especially in smaller leagues. These match fixing schemes are made to benefit either some set of people (gamblers too), one of the teams playing, or some other third party.


Match fixing information does not just fly around in the air. This said, most people that say they have fixed matches for sale are scammers. If someone has sure absolute fixed matches, he does not need your money. The fixed matches can make him a millionaire in days.


These guys are just good punters who predict well with trends. Most do not even play the games they drop. Even if you notice that the first game the person dropped worked perfectly, still don’t be deceived. I can as well forecast that Ajax will draw at halftime and score and win in the second half. If it works, you will be tempted to take a bold step to pay me to get more tips. I don’t even have to play it myself.


Now, you should be careful to watch out for potential fixed matches in some regular leagues. If a game’s outcome is too ”irrelevant”, maybe you should stay away from it. For example, the first leg of a cup tie ended 6-0. Stay away from the second leg.


The first team most likely won’t use their original team. Potential fixed matches include ”Manchester City Vs Bayern Munich”. Remember Bayern had already qualified, and Man City were a big team with better potential. In the first half of the second leg, Bayern were already 2-1 up.


The second half was most likely fixed so that Man City could qualify. Arouca Vs Olympiakos was probably fixed where Arouca won 0-1, but Olympiakos went on to win in extra time. These are major fixes. In smaller leagues, things are more tricky.


Stay away from these kinds of games. When a game bears less significance, stay away from them. They can easily be manipulated. Barcelona were 2-0 up against Deportivo at half time, thanks to two goals from Messi. If Deportivo lost that match, they would be relegated. Surprisingly, Deprotivo were able to draw level at 2-2 in the camp Nou at full time. How? You would ask? Negotiations, I would answer. Stay safe, and remember, bet responsibly.


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