Is it profitable to bet on fixed matches?Is there a way to identify them? How to find the best ways to bet on fixed matches.




Are these matches really real? How do we bet on fixed matches? This is all a bit complicated? However, the short and direct answer is that fixed matches are real. Still, all the persons offering fixed matches online are scammers. There are just individuals who are out there to take away your hard-earned money for free. Only few people have really gained on betting on fixed soccer games. But for the majority, it has only proved to be a loss venture.


We are going to expatiate on match fixing for you. We are going to show you how scammers make their money and continue to be in business. Tips would be given on how to spot fixed games (after they have started). We will also show you hot to bet on fixed games and how to spot them.




There are scores of facebook pages and shady websites claiming to offer fixed games. Firstly, some offer unsuspecting bettors free tips to start. If by luck, you win such games, they robe you in and ask for huge sums of cash to give you the big odds. This is the point many people lose their savings. So how do they con people and continue being in business. It is explanatory enough.


Firstly, they are all over the place. Wherever there is betting and people are free to comment, you will find people who claim they have made so much money by buying fixed games. Some even have websites and YouTube pages showcasing their videos and tutorials on how to bet on fixed matches. Once they have convinced lots of people that they are real, they divide the people into three even groups and give each of these groups three possible match outcomes. In this way, one of the three groups will always win and come back for more.


The group that wins are convinced that this is the “next big thing”. They will be asked to give more money for the next game. Again this group will be divided into three groups in addition to new bettors that are be marketed on their pages on facebook as well. And the same process follows. Those who win in such scenario win by luck. Others lose both the money used to buy the fixed matches and betting also.


Many in facebook have lots of accounts that comment how great the winning was and how they will bet maximally. While others have networks of friends that also comment and share from the proceeds. I always notice same facebook accounts commenting every time on the posts shared by these scammers.




Are they even real?


We have mentioned before that fixed games are real. The thing is betting on fixed games requires knowledge of the actual guy who fixes the match. People only fix games for their own benefits. Match fixing is illegal in many countries. So the question still remains- why would someone fix a game and sell it for a few dollars when his activity is illegal and could make him spend his life in jail if caught. Why would they let you in for just a few dollars? Or why should they give you free tips on fixed games. The risks they face is quite high for them to give up such information.




I have also been a victim of scammers. I met few of them on Facebook, mostly Kenyans and Nigerians. It costs $100 for a month and after series of posted winning slips, I decided to give it a trial, I lost both my savings and betting cash as games given were lost. I would take my time to list many of such scamming sites so people would not fall into such traps.


You could also tell us your experience about fixed matching and whether it worked for you.


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